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Miniaturka MTV
I Painted a FLUORESCENT Cyberpunk City!! (with UV-paint)
AD: Special Christmas deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 4 additional months free. Go to and use our coupon nerdforge at checkout. ❤️ Thanks to our Patrons:
okejki 1 · 11 miesięcy temu
Miniaturka MTV
Man lifts the equivalent of 2 men above his head - with ONE ARM! 150Kg Dumbbell Press World Record!
It's the feat nobody thought could be done. But Mateusz Kieliszkowski, the phenomenal Polish Strongman absolutely smashes the World Record (143Kg) set by Dimitar Savatinov in 2017 and makes it look EASY! From Summermania - The Strongman World Championship in Southampton, UK. (29 411x oglądano na YT)
11 miesięcy temu
Miniaturka MTV
Mateusz Kieliszkowski pozamiatał na zawodach strongmanów
Nie cieszyliśmy się tak od czasów sukcesów Mariusza Pudzianowskiego... a tak serio to szacun, ale emocji nie ma żadnych.
okejki 311 · komentarze 69 · 11 miesięcy temu
Miniaturka MTV
Family Guy Healthier Than a Horse
Healthier than a horse (3 272 001x oglądano na YT)
okejki 8 · 11 miesięcy temu
Miniaturka MTV
[4K] Chucky, Freddy, Jason, & LeatherFace on Studio Tram - Universal Halloween Nights
[4K] Come face to face with Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface on the All NEW Titans of Studio Tram at Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour Tram during Halloween Horror Nights 2017. Be sure to visit Universal Studios Hollywood during the Halloween season to experience this madness in person. NOTE: Everything you see in the video is NOT real, it's a Hallow(…)
11 miesięcy temu
Miniaturka MTV
TERMINATOR 2 (GTAV cover) 2019 part 1
Sarah's son John was born and the time when he leads the surviving people to fight the machines is inexorably approaching. It is at this moment that a new terminator arrives from the post-apocalyptic future - practically invulnerable and capable of assuming any guise. The goal of the new terminator is no longer Sarah, but the destruction of the young John Connor. However, John's ch(…)
okejki 2 · 11 miesięcy temu
Miniaturka MTV
Helikoptery z lat 20.
Ludzie to mieli pomysły. Ciekawe, czym będziemy latać za 100 lat.
okejki 18 · komentarze 6 · 12 miesięcy temu
Miniaturka MTV
Nurkowanie pod zamarzniętym jeziorem
Matthew Villegas w czasie mroźnej kanadyjskiej zimy wziął swoją kamerę na kija i pokazał nam nieco podwodnego świata. I to bez tlenu!
okejki 31 · komentarze 9 · rok temu
Miniaturka MTV
Skok na mamucie z perspektywy kasku skoczka
Jurij Tepes na mamucie w Planicy.
okejki 396 · komentarze 63 · rok temu
Miniaturka MTV
Newcastle United v Liverpool (1901)
Newcastle United v Liverpool (1901). Subscribe: This film is part of the Mitchell and Kenyon collection - an amazing visual record of everyday life in Britain at the beginning of the twentieth century. To buy the DVD click here - All titles on the BFI Films channel are preserved in the vast collections of the BFI(…)
okejki 4 · rok temu